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So I’ve been waiting to fix the jib because I was a little nervous about dropping it by myself. I also have new traveler lines but because of the age of the old bolts and screws I was having a hard time. Today I was determined to make sure I got both of those jobs done so the first thing I did was attacked the traveler. All week I’ve been coming to the boat and applying penetrating oil to the screws. On the way to the boat I stopped at the hardware store and got a big f’n screwdriver. It only took me one or two turns and the screw came loose 10 minutes later my new lines were installed in the traveler.

Now onto the rip in the sail I gathered up my courage and lowered the jib halyard and gently tugged on the sale and it instantly started to lower. Hmm. That was pretty easy. Made sure didn’t fall into the water. I lowered it just enough to put the rip all the way on the deck. Then using sale repair tape I taped both sides of it nice and tight made sure there were no air holes. Then do the reverse and raised the sail and then rolled it back into the Furler. All in all that took me about 20 minutes. So two jobs that I thought were going to take me the better part of the day took me only 30 minutes now if there was only wind….. I’d be out sailing and it would be a perfect day.

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