Ripped Sail….AGAIN!!!!

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On a leisurely harbor sail I looked up and saw sunlight through the sail…uh oh…thats not good….Now the question…repair it or replace it. When I had the leach line repaired North Sails said I had a few more seasons left in the sail. Its my jib and its on a furled so its exposed to the elements more than my main…They say you gotta pay to play…but its not fun…lol.

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  1. Nice site, I just stumbled across it from Sailing Anarchy’s front page.

    Anyways, you mentioned that your jib is exposed to the elements which do quite a bit of damage to sails. You may want to consider a “snorkel” cover (see for the roller furling jib. I know of smaller boats (e.g. Buccaneer 18) using snorkels to cover and protect the rolled jib on the furler without having to lower it and I suspect that something similar is available for larger boats. It’s basically a cover which slips over the jib, usually being raised up the jib on a separate halyard (e.g. spin halyard), protecting the sails from the elements and it should prolong the life of the jib.

      1. It seems that it may also be called a “sock” or “sleeve”. Here’s what I’m talking about:

        I can’t say I’ve ever bought anything from them, but I found the video at the end helpful (although you need to skip ahead until about 1:05 to see the cover being used).

        1. Thanks! I think this sail is pretty much gone…new ones have a build in UV cover at the foot and leach. So I may not need that, although since I have a mainsail cover it may be a good thing to get just to keep the jib nice and fresh.

          1. Fair point. I just thought that you may be interested in a snorkel/sock/sleeve because it could be used with a number of different sails, but sails with built-in covers are super convenient.

            Anyways, good luck.

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