Various images of Cuajota. Enjoy!

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  1. Do you have any pictures of the inside? I have a 1975 Santana 30 and trying to redo the cabin and looking for ideas. The past owners cut out the ice box and sink and strip most of it 🙁


    1. I will take some of the interior. I think u are in a good spot. I would look modern rather than classic personally. I think the space is there for a more modern and functional layout. That was my plan although my interior is in very good condition. It’s a shame to rip it out.

    2. Hey Kyle

      I too have a Santana 30 (1979). I’ll try to get you some pict of mine; the previous owner did redo the whole layout completely. Do you have some of your interior? I’m trying to see how it was before the refit of mine! 😀

      You have a website as well? I’m trying to find fellow Santana owners (coming on this site once a month to get some news from Cuajota!) 😀 that would be willing to exchange on the boat… Let me know if you’re (or anyone else!) is interested!


  2. Seeking to resolve a weird head plumbing issue that appears to date to original build. I sail hull #77 on Lake Erie. Anyone able to exchange info that might enable a fix?

    1. Hey Jim. I sail one on St-Laurence river in Quebec. Drop me a mail sjobin(at) and I’ll try to help as much as I can

  3. On-going investigation of the mystery head reveals that holding tank likely has a “recirculating” devise that essentially supplies holding tank water to the raw water intake on the head; yikes! My inclination is to plumb fresh water to the head and cap the dang recirculating devise. Not sure if this was a factory approach or retro-fitted by a previous owner. Anyone have a similar installation?

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