Running Rigging Upgrades – Harken Blocks!

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OK so to many this will get a bit too technical but bear with me on this one. So on Cuajota the jib sheet going to the winch went at an odd angle and when the jib filled with wind, it didn’t have an efficient shape. So the boat has a block on the deck and a snatch block was added in the rear so the line was run to the winch from the rear. This pulled the sail at a different angle and was able to be more efficient. The snatch block was at an odd angle and on the first ocean sail, it chewed the roller up and distorted the block. At one point we wanted to really trim the jib and when we cranked the winch it simply tweaked the block. I replaced the snatch block with a Harken 75mm Carbo block and a Ronstan swivel shackle.

First the original way with the jib sheet going directly to the winch.

Here is a diagram of the new way. It shows the new sail angle as well as all the lines and blocks.

I used a harken block and a ronstan swivel shackle.

The result is a sail that powers the boat as well as a very smooth jib sheet operation. Nice upgrade! When KJ initially suggested this I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about…now it make complete sense.


I have now used the system for a few weeks and its soooo silky smooth when trimming the jib. In stiffer winds this is crucial.

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