Sailing Vessel Cuajota

Hull Type Fin Keel

LOA 29.92 ft. / 9.12m

LWL 25.00 ft. / 7.62m

Beam 10.00 ft. / 3.05m

Draft Max:5.00 ft. / 1.52m

Displacement 8800 lbs./ 3992 kgs.

Ballast 3300 lbs. / 1497 kgs.

Water Tank 20 gals. / 76 ltrs.

Fuel Tank 15 gals. / 57 ltrs.

Designer Shad Turner

Builder W. D. Schock Corp. (USA)

Construction Material Fiberglass

Production Start 1974

Production End 1980

Total Number Built 118

Rig Type Masthead Sloop

Listed Sail Area 414 sq.ft. / 38.46 m2

Fore Sail Area 247.65 sq.ft. / 23.01 m2

39.00 ft. / 11.89m

12.70 ft. / 3.87m

34.00 ft. / 10.36m

9.80 ft. / 2.99m

Sail to Displacement Ratio 15.60

Maximum Hull Speed 6.7 kts.

Capsize Screening Formula 1.94

Sail Area/Displacement (SA/D) 15.54

Displacement/Length (D/L)  251.43

Motion Comfort Ratio 22.3

Engine:  Yanmar 3YM20 Diesel

Instruments: Raymarine Wireless

  • Depth

  • Wind

  • Speed

  • NMEA0183

  • YakBak NMEA Router

2 Replies to “Specifications”

  1. Great website. I’m up on SF Bay and you just showed me how I could chronicle the adventures of sailing my Santana in and around here. Would love to have the actual dimensions of your main and genoa because I can’t seem to get these dimensions anywhere on the web. Is 110% the smallest working size for these boats or were they even larger? I’ve been told that the genoas do so much of the work on these boats that when the wind starts to pick up and you want to reef something, start with the main first. I’ve had mine for 4 yrs now and LOVE her. Possible trip out to Hawaii this October…on a very tight budget,BTW. Love your Gallery, but how come no interior shots? I like the sliding(?) nav shelf and the folding table. Did you make these? How are they held down?
    Happy sailing,

  2. Glad to have found your website, and that it contains some useful and interesting information.

    Great Lakes – Lake Erie sailor. ’78 Santana 30TM “Hawk”

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