Open Water Sail in The Pacific

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Went out with KJ yesterday and WOW! What a great sail. I just LOVE this boat! I have been hesitant to go outside the harbor because of well…I don’t really know why at all I was fearing the open water. It was the unknown. Also its pretty common for the harbor entrance to be very choppy and rough. So instead of powering through, I’d turn around. It didn’t help that my sails were usually down and I was on motor. Well today was the day that all of that changed. We prepped the boat, raised the sails and motorsailed about a mile or so off the coast. At that point we turned the motor off to see if we could catch some wind. Well it instantly picked up to about 10-15 knots! We had the boat heeled over nicely and were moving through the water at about 6.5 knots. Not bad for an old boat! I am sure we could have gotten more but we were not trying that hard. I really wanted to know how to handle the waves, the chop, when was the boat getting too beat up, and how will the waves affect the tacking and gibing. All that was answered and I am now getting as comfortable out in the harbor as I am in the harbor. A few more and I’ll be all set for an open water single handed adventure!


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  1. Well done. It’s often said that being out on the open water is less hazardous than being near the shore, as there’s much less to hit. Certainly as a rookie, when I’m out on the water the most stressful times tend to be leaving or coming into the harbour, as you have less time to react.

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