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It’s an unusually hot day today in Newport Beach. 90 degrees in October is quite uncommon. Not a cloud in the sky and I planned on doing some harbor cruising. Got a text from KJ that he can go out so we decided on an ocean cruise! Just the thing to cure my open water anxiety. I laugh to myself about how I have this mental block where I get nervous about leaving the harbor. Everyone I have talked to says trust the boat and the open water should be easier and far more relaxing than tacking in the harbor like I have been doing for the past few months. I have just made much more of it than it should be. It’s funny how the mind works. When I was a small kid my older brother took the training wheels off my bike. I thought he had lost his mind. I think I remember tears streaming down my face at the thought of not having those training wheels there. I was actually a daredevil on a bike. Going off jumps, wheelies, even hard the playing cards in the spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle. All with training wheels. Lol. So my brother told me he was going to hold on to the bike and run next to it. He did for the first 10 yards or so. I told him not to let go and I pedaled. It was so easy I just knew he was there still until I looked. He was gone and I had pedaled a half a block on my own. My training wheels were off and the freedom I felt was amazing. I was a big kid now. No training wheels needed! So time for Cuajota to lose her training wheels. Today is the day. Time for the this sailing kid to grow up.

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