Open Water Anxiety

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I officially have Open Water Anxiety. I will call it OWA from here on. Everytime I get near the open water of the Pacific Ocean, I get this fear. What am I afraid of? It’s just water right? I mean there are no sea monsters that are going to swallow up The Cuajota. The boat itself is as solid as they come. Its in amazing shape and can handle a lot more than I can, so why am I afraid of 2-5 foot waves and 15 knot winds? I DONT KNOW! I think I need to get out there with an experienced sailor to show me the ropes so to speak and for me to be comfortable out there. I have been out in the Ocean in a few different types of watercraft. From large boats in the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco bay to ski boats in various lakes to Jet Skis in the Atlantic Ocean, but before July, I had never really been on a sailboat. In the last 6 weeks not only have I learned to sail a boat reasonably well but I have also done a number of singlehanded sailing trips in the harbor.  The one thing I have heard that sticks out is to trust your boat.  In the boat I have extreme confidence.  Its been well taken care of by the previous owners and its been gone through and its VERY solid.  It can handle a lot more than me.  So I need to trust that it will bring me back.  So my next goal…Open Water!

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