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Today was a nice clear day…I decided it would be nice to take the boat out and open up the sails for a bit. It has been on the news that its whale migrating season and quite a few whales have been seen off the coast. In the back of my mind I thought it would be nice to see a few but you never know. I have seen lots of Dolphin, a few Killer Whales and of course the local Sea Lions. The wind was very light maybe 5 knots. I shut the motor off and let the light breeze slowly glide the boat through the calm water when I heard something…Not sure what it was, I turned my music all the way down..I had some jazz playing lightly in the background. Then I heard it again. Yup thats a whale! I scanned the horizon and about a mile away I say the whale breaching! I started the motor and headed that way. I got to about the area I saw the whale and nothing…completely calm. Stopped the motor and again let the gentle breeze fill the sails. A few minutes later…WHOOSH right next to the boat! Scared the S___ out of me! It literally was 20 yards away! I saw the whale submerge and swim away from the boat…I grabbed my iPhone and recorded the rest…just a whale swimming and blowing his spout. Pretty cool stuff though.

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