Catalina Trip!!! OK…Sorta….

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Today I set foot on the island of Santa Catalina!  Well I didn’t sail there, but the wife and I went over with our friends TJ, KJ, and their 2 kids.  KJ and I are going next week as long as the weather isn’t absolutely horrible.  We took the Catalina Flyer and got there in under an hour!  That thing was a blast!  I pulled out the iPad and pulled up the nav software and it showed 29-31 knots.  It was a good test run for the iPad to ensure accurate compass indication as well as check GPS signals.  The software worked flawlessly with a 15-30 foot accuracy.  Once we got there it was like setting foot in another country.  Were we in California?  Were we even in the US?  This felt like Costa Rica or something like that.  It was quaint and vintage.  Its untouched by what may make the US seem very over commercialized.  Franchises and Brands.  None of that here.  Mom and Pop stores and boutiques, family owned and operated restaurants and NO STARBUCKS!  My wife said the same places are there that were there when she was a kid.  Pretty amazing.  Its a lazy, sleepy place with spectacular views and deep blue seas.  It was a great trial run.  It was easy to do, yet really brought home the scale of what I am about to do.  I am about to go 3 to 4 times farther than I have ever been on Cuajota.  Its a big ocean.  Its intimidating in one respect and amazingly exhilarating in another.  I look forward to pulling into Avalon and standing on the deck as I arrive.  Counting down the days…5 to go.

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