It never gets old….

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It’s been about a week since I’ve been out on the boat. Between work and the cold that I caught sailing has not worked out for me in the last week.  So today when I had a few hours I decided to go out for a sail.  Actually nothing would have stopped me!  It was gray and gloomy with a bit of a biting cold wind.  I motored out to the harbor entrance and opened up the head sail. The main was already up and the boat heeled over a bit and I was sailing. The water was kind of choppy and the wind was about 10 knots. It would be the worst conditions that I have ever singlehanded.  That wasnt going to stop me.  When I went out with KJ a few months back it was similar but to nearly as bad.  I had a bit of nervousness as I headed northwest on a close haul.  Cuajota seems to like that the most…I decided to tack a bit and go through various points of sail so I could get comfortable with the conditions.  After a few tacks I was feeling very good!  The boat felt great and it was nice to be out in a bit more wind.  Cuajota handled it like a dream.  Even though the water was a tad bit rough with some chop, the boat was still smooth and glided through it nicely.  I decided to turn an head south so I jibed a few times and went downwind wing and wing a bit then went to a beam reach. Went south a ways then decided to pick up speed and I tacked and headed out to sea. Due west. There were 2 other sailboats on the same heading. It was a race!  My instructor said a sailboat race is anytime 2 sailboats are close…lol.  One was a newish hunter 40+ ft boat. The other I am not sure about the same size as me. Well the Hunter and me were neck and neck. I would have thought the Hunter would have a speed edge.  In this case it wasn’t obvious.  Even with tire sails this old boat can keep up with the newer boats!  The older boat well it couldn’t quite keep up with us, or maybe didn’t care to.  I think I had enough fun for the day so I tacked and headed back to the harbor.  Then all at once I saw movement on the horizon. Yes!  A pod of dolphins! About 50 or so.  Came right across my bow.  A few circled to boat to get a closer look at me then they headed north.  I have seen dolphins or whales just about every sail for the last month or so and it just never gets old.

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  1. I recently found you website as a link from a link….from another link..etc! I don’t currently own a boat, but have lots of experience and, hopefully within the next 5 years or so, plan to purchase a vessel large enough to live and travel extensively on. I love your enthusiasm about the “art” of sailing! I still get goosebumps every single time I get on a boat. ( have raced in excess of 1500 nm over the last two summers) The peaceful feeling is indescribable to those who haven’t sailed. Every worry and stress in life is suspended when on the water! As a side note, you should not use your port shroud to secure your spinnaker pole. The last thing you need is for the pole clamp to wear on your turnbuckle etc. which might lead to a rigging failure. Dedicated spinnaker pole mounting brackets are the way to go. Look forward to reading about your experiences as you venture further from shore!
    Toronto Canada

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