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I was worried that with daylight savings time and winter that I would be on the boat less and less. Well I am on it at least twice a week. Last week I took the boat out looking for some wind and I found some of the most enjoyable sailing conditions yet. NO waves, medium air and some breathtaking views. There was a storm that was going to be passing through and that brought in some low and dark clouds which are ALWAYS the best for dramatic views. I sailed down the coast for about an hour and saw the sights. It was an amazingly calm day and the wind was just perfect. Moving the boat through the calm water at about 7 knots without any issues. I tacked and turned around and came back into the harbor. It amazes me that I have only been sailing since August. I was terrified of the open water and now I am getting so comfortable in it and really enjoying being out in the open water where I feel so free. Discovering this at 42 is such a blessing and a curse. If I had known at 22 I would have probably done some very foolish things, but maybe I would have done some amazing things, like sailed to Hawaii, or South America. I would have definitely chartered a boat in the Caribbean or South Pacific. Who knows what kind of boat I would own now…maybe even living aboard? Probably not..lol…but I would have a lot of experiences under my belt. So I feel in some ways I have missed out on some experiences that I may not have. On the other hand I’m still young enough to enjoy and sail to my hearts content and I live in the sailboat capital of the US so I can sail year round and make up for lost time. So its now time for me to make some lifetime memories…do some truly magical things and make up for lost time. The first step is Catalina. Its a 24 mile trip west off the coast. From there…who knows? I will sail in the Caribbean. Since I am from the Bay Area, I will sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. I will sail the Mediterranean and enjoy Spain, France,Italy and Greece. But for now, one step at a time and one day at a time. Lets just rack up the smiles and experiences and make up for the lost time.

Enjoy some pics from the sail, and a video of the sail as well…..

Pacific Ocean, Cuajota, sailing, iphone 4s, storm clouds
Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, Cuajota, sailing, iphone 4s, storm clouds

Pacific Ocean, Cuajota, sailing, iphone 4s, storm clouds

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/32654954 w=960&h=540]

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