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The name Cuajota…whats it mean? (pronounced kwa-hoe-ta)

I have been asked about the name, so I’ll address it here….

Cuajota means nothing actually from what I have been able to find.  What I have been told and I am going to run with this because it works for me…

Cuajota is cuban slang for “The four J’s”.  The original owner was a Cuban doctor whose wife and 2 kids first names as well as his own first name all began with the letter J…Works for me because in my family, we had 4 J’s as well.  My Mom, Dad, me and my sister.  My wifes name begins with J and her family has like 7…I said pick your four favorite…lol!  If anyone has a clue of what it actually means…drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know!

We thought about changing the name, but according to sea lore, its bad luck to change the name of a boat unless you do a pretty elaborate procedure.  After thinking for weeks about a new name, and people from work giving me some very colorful ideas (lol) I have grown to like the current name…its interesting, colorful, and unique.  Besides, how many boats named Serenity, Serendipity, Angel, Second Wind, Summer Wind, Wind Dancer, etc. can there be?!

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