Another Singlehanded Sail…3rd times a charm!

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View of the Pacific Ocean from the cockpit of Cuajota.

Wind was up today and I took the boat out.  The conditions were not as smooth as yesterday and I was moving much faster and handling bigger wind. I got turned around by the wind at the mooring but once I had the sails up it was awesome!  The more I am on the boat the more I understand how it moves and the feeling of a heeled boat and now that I am used to the boat heeling I almost can’t get enough!  When I felt it heel a bit and it picked up speed I got a huge grin on my face. Had some great jibes and tacks. I’m having a blast sailing!  3 singlehanded sails 3 days in a row!  A month ago I had never sailed. Hoping to do some ocean sailing soon. All 3 of these sails were inside the harbor although I went all the way to the end of the harbor and could see the ocean!  I am taking things nice and slow and not getting over my head.  I plan on getting into open water soon, but not solo at first so I will need the help of the wife and maybe KJ to get it out into open water and really see how things feel in the bigger waves and bigger winds.  Looking forward to it!

Here is the track from todays sail:

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  1. Hi there! read your post about the old ST 50 instruments. Iam looking for those to install on my 20 footer… the fun is that I teatch fisically handicaped people how to sail and to navigate. I do this for charity, giving them the chance to sail on theyr own (sometimes I have to give a little help but they are very determined when thay have a chance. If you know someone that can donate a ST 50 wind display and the mast head unit (with the long mast cable ) you will make a lot of people very happy. you can see this in thanks for reading this lines, Rui Martins

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