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Today I did my first single handed sail!  I decided that I was getting comfortable handling the boat and I wanted to get used to doing everything.   Got off work at 5 and the wind seemed like it was pretty good so I shot down to the harbor and started getting the boat ready.  Previous owner was down there working on his new boat and said go for it!  So I motored to the turnaround, pointed it into the wind and raised the main then unfurled the jib…BAM I’m sailing!  It was a pretty uneventful sail at about 6 knots, which at times seemed like 30…lol.  Its the heaviest wind I’ve been out in on my boat.  I had a sailing lesson in a tad bit higher winds, but that was in a harbor 20.  I was (and still am) concerned with a sudden gust pushing me into things and or over…I know I kept telling myself that this wind is nothing, probably 11-15 knot winds.  I just kept the jib sheet handy and when the heel angle got uncomfortable, I eased it and it righted itself, or I steered into the wind and that took care of it as well.  I was out about 90 minutes then I came back as it was getting dark.  I pulled into the turnaround area under motor with the jib furled and the main still up, and lowered the main….then moored.  I feel pretty proud of myself.  A month ago I had never sailed in my life.  Now I am able to single hand a 30 foot yacht!!!  Sure it wasn’t an ocean voyage and was just in the harbor, but its a pretty good feeling.  I have some time off this week so I’ll be out ALOT over the next 10 days…..In fact, I’ll be out most of the day tomorrow!

Here is the GPS track of todays sail:

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