2nd Sailboat Lesson…Not so fast……

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Today was the 2nd private lesson.  I was on a huge high from yesterdays outing with KJ on Cuajota.  This lesson was on a larger Harbor 20 boat that should feel closer to my boat.  Well it wasn’t horrible, but it was a rude awakening.  A few times we almost capsized.  The winds are gusting at about 15 knots and its the strongest wind I have been in.  When the wind fills the sails, we heel over, and being a smaller and lighter boat than Cuajota, it will definitely take on water and ultimately flip over putting us in the Newport Beach Harbor.  Not something I would alike to do.  I was confused when talking about tacking and jibing and turning the boat the wrong direction when doing either.  The things I was doing so effortlessly before were now confusing me.  I think it was also the fear (first time I have had that on a sailboat) of capsizing that had my mind stuck a little bit.  In the end I pulled it together and got some valuable experience out of it.  Could have been worse, but it wasn’t the greatest.  I began using an app on my iPhone called Motion X GPS.  It allows me to track my sailing outings and post regular updates to an email address or Facebook…here is the track of my lesson….


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