Sailing with KJ!

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This week will be busy!  Tomorrow I have a 2nd lesson and today I just finished a sail with KJ, the previous owner, to put the sailing knowledge I learned on the small boat to use on the bigger boat.  WOW.  Cuajota is a blast to sail!  I am getting quite good at maneuvering the boat under motor and mooring and docking.  KJ called and told me he was at the dock.  I was already on the boat getting it prepped.  I was going to grab him in the dinghy, but decided just to drop the mooring lines and pick him up in Cuajota.  I think he was a bit surprised I was so comfortable on the boat.  2 weeks ago I had never really been on a sailboat!  We raised the main at the dock and then pushed off and unfurled the jib and we were sailing!  We took turns at the helm so I was able to understand how to do both jobs, manning the jib sheets as well as steering and generally being in control of the whole boat.  The only downside of the outing was the leach line in the jib ripped out of the sail.  Looks like the stitching came undone.  I’ll have to have that repaired…GREAT.  KJ thinks it shouldn’t be a lot to fix so hopefully that won’t be bad.  He also is giving me a few more sails for the boat as well…a storm jib, I think 80%, a 155% that we may put up in the meantime so we can sail while the 135 is in the shop getting repaired, and the original main as well.  Even with the sail issues it was a great experience!  KJ is an awesome sailor!  He really knows his stuff….I am learning a lot just by watching.

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