WD Schock Santana 30 Brochure

The boat came with all the original documentation.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog looking for info on the Santana 30. I recently bought one in San Francisco where I live. It’s a 1976 model that has been neglected for 3 years or so and has a problem with the reversing gear/transmission. Probably has a few more problems lurking. Yours looks great and is an inspiration. Also, you do a great job with the blog.

    Send me a note if you think it might be useful to keep in touch.


  2. Barry, I’m on SF Bay also. Keep mine anchored out just on the inshore side of the ship channel between Pelican Harbor and the old Marineways Harbor. The Turney St. public launching ramp is straight in from me. Her name is Mar del Sur. Got to admit, she doesn’t look nearly as nice as Cuajota, but I love her just the same. Let’s swap info…might be helpful.

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