Its Been a while….Hello 2016!!

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New additions over the winter:
1. New Winch Coveres
The old ones were falling apart, literally. So I got a set of Blue Performance Winch Covers in Blue and Grey

2. Cockpit Cover
For when relaxing while docked…now we have a nice Sun Cover for the cockpit.
3. Jib Sock
ATN makes a pretty nifty (and pricey) jib sock. This allows me to leave the unprotected jibs on the furler and cover them. Now I don’t have to take them down in between sails and I don’t have to worry about getting UV covers on my jibs.

Here are the things that need to be done.

1. Mount Anemometer on the top of mast for the Tack Tick Wireless Electronics
2. Mount Tack Tick Displays
3. Fix fuseholder for bilge pump
4. Check charging wire for 2nd battery
5. ATN Tacker for Spinnaker
6. Refinish Cockpit wood on the boat
7. New Lifelines
8. Paint/refinish boom
9. Boom kicker boom lift
10. NMEA Wireless Router/wi-fi system

For me, my goals are:
1. Catalina Trip
2. Learn To Use Spinnaker
3. Around Catalina Island
4. San Diego Trip/Mexico

So Its January and I need to get started on these things!!!

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  1. Looking good! I followed your progress from Sail Net and we still have some common goals. I also installed the Tack Tick wireless instruments last year. I mounted the displays on a home made dashboard that slides over the companion way. If you want details let me know. To refresh, I have a Cal 2-30 in Marina Del Rey.

    1. Hey Ron! Thanks for the compliments. Yes tell me the details! My plan is to use 2 Ram Mounts and mount them behind the traveler. This will allow me to remove the arms when not in use as well. Thats my initial plan.

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