Fully Charged and ready to go!!!

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It’s seems like I am getting lots of little things done to the boat now and when I was down there I noticed one of the batteries was not fully charged. I have been keeping an eye on it and it’s not taking a charge. It’s 11 years old so I figure it’s time to swap it out. I replaced the starting battery about 2 years ago and now the deep cycle battery appears to be going. So I looked around. West Marine has a Group 24 Deep Cycle Marine battery for $160. Online I found a few at $100. I then used Gojgle to find things I stock nearby and Wal-Mart shows up…for $78!  What?!?!  Can’t be. I look at the specs and it’s rated a MORE powerful battery than the West Marine battery. I was still a tad bit skeptical so I pulled the batter and took it to Wal-Mart to match it up physically as well. Yup exact match. Dropped it in and I’m on the the next job!  Maintenance wise the boat is ready to go. Planning a Catalina trip next month so I am just getting all the ‘I’s’ dotted and ‘T’s’ crossed.   Now that I have that done….time for some sailing!!!!

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  1. I have a ’76 Santana 30 w/ a Yanmar 2GMF20. I’ve had the Wal-Mart batteries for a couple of years so far and been happy with them.

    1. Nice! Seems like a great deal and even if they only last 5 years its cheaper than paying more for an 8 year battery right?

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