Countdown to Catalina!

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Catalina Island Backside

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Planning a 2 day trip with the guys on Cuajota over to Catalina.  The plan is to shoot around to the back side of Catalina and possibly circumnavigate the island then head back to Newport Beach.  Right now I am prepping the boat, and making sure all the safety gear is aboard and up to date, flares, first aid kits, PFD’s, etc…Gonna check the engine fluids and battery levels just to make sure everything is ready to go.  I will be a little short on sails, My 155 was damaged in the wind storm last week so that takes my light air big sail out of teh equation.  The last time we came back from Catalina that sail was up and we FLEW back.  The only sail I will have ready is the 125.  A very nice sail, just not great in light air.  I have a 150 being converted from hanks to a furling genoa but it may not be ready by Tuesday.


Looks like there may be some rain, and may be some big wind in the 20 knot range.  Maybe reef the main and run that 125 jib.  Could be a bit of a rough trip…stay tuned!



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