Old Dog Learns New Tricks!

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Sometimes things just work out!!! The local WestMarine store is moving and they have been putting putting certain items up for clearance. I have been watching the clearance table intently. There are a few things I need for the boat and alot of things I want! I asked about instruments for the boat. They said they had no idea what was going to be put on clearance I just had to keep checking. 3 weeks ago I saw a Tacktick T104 Super Sailing System. If you are not familiar its the top of the line cruising system from Tacktick. Wind, Speed and Depth system. Wireless communication between the mast unit and displays. No wires have to be run in the mast and no wires to the displays. Mast unit and displays are solar powered. This also has the NMEA Network interface so any other network compatible equipment can be interfaced with the instruments. Things like chartplotters, autopilots, etc…List price is $2749. They were marked down to $2000. Then for the clearance sale, marked down to 50% off the reduced price. Not bad a $2700 system for $1000 right? Well thats not all….I get an email from WestMarine that said that all clearance items were reduced to 75% off! So that puts those $2700 instruments all the way down to $500! Well I couldnt pass on that! So now the plan is to modernize this old IOR derived racer/cruiser into a modern sailing yacht!

Once I add the instruments, I’ll add a wireless NMEA transmitter which will broadcast all the boats data to any device capable of receiving and displaying the data…iPhones, iPads, computers with charts, maps, navaigation software, the sky is the limit!

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