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So I was sailing along this afternoon, enjoying a nice breeze, fairly calm ocean and the sunny skies, when I look up and headed right down the port side of the boat towards me is a dorsal fin. I have seen Dolphin, Orca, Seal, etc….This CLEARLY was nothing I have seen up close…as it passed within about 3 feet of the boat…I looked into its black eye, with no pupil…It swam slowly and didn’t seem to care I was there at all. It was about 6-8 feet long. It kept going and it stayed surfaced for about a minute as I watched it…should I tack and follow it? Then I thought…wait…Thats a SHARK! Shaped like a great white, but if it was it was clearly young at that size…I could see the dark great on its upper body and the white on its lower body clearly…as well as its gills. Wow…what a sight! I grabbed my phone to take a pic or video but it was too far gone to get it up close.

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