Repairs done! All Systems Go!

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Wednesday I went out for a sail. It was a bit windy and the water was choppy but it had been over a week since the last sail so I was determined to get to open water. I noticed the boat was not really moving fast at all for the amount of wind. When I got back from the sail I checked the equipment as usual an found 2 cracked batten boxes in the mainsail. I had repaired one already but these were now destroyed.

Great. With the Catalina trip on the horizon for the weekend and the lack of availability for these parts I didn’t think there was a chance I would get to Catalina this weekend. I called North Sails which is the brand of sail it is an they said bring it in and they would see if they could find something. They couldn’t. My mainsail is probably at least 10 years old. I’d bet on 15 so those exact parts are no longer made. What they did do for me was GIVE me some parts toque the repairs! I did the repairs today and the boat is all ready to go. The weather looks mild. 60s. We will have about 7-9 foot swells on the way over and about a 10 MPH breeze. The trip back seems like it be a bit more adventurous! 20 MPH winds and 15 foot swells. Shouldn’t be as wild as the big wind sail a few weeks ago…but it’ll be fun!

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