OH YEAH!!!!! Sail of the year!

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Wind was blowing at 25-35 mph.

Swells were 15-20 ft. high.

It had just rained HARD and was about 50 degrees.

It was the BEST sail I have ever had!!!!

Let me say that Cuajota is a BLAST in weather. We sailed with just the main up, no jib. At one point we got her up to 8.9 knots! Yes the wind was big but the boat was very composed. I thought we might put a reef in the main, but we didn’t. I have a storm jib on the boat but that would have meant taking the 135 off the furler. I just bought foul weather gear so I had the appropriate attire for when the water came over the bow. This was the first time I had been in weather like this. I was very nervous but KJ is great sailor and knows this boat very well so I knew we wouldn’t have any issues. I was surprised at how calm and composed the boat was. I have been tossed around more in 3 foot chop. I learned so much about sailing and my boat today it was amazing. To see how it feels when it’s blowing 30 and it’s heeled over and I am doing 7.5 knots and it’s cutting through the water like a hot knife through butter. Thank you Schock for making the Santana 30. I have such a new found respect for this boat!



Big Wind from Cuajota on Vimeo.

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  1. Fantastic video! I felt like I was watching the next big hit! My tummy felt funny going over the crest of that big swell too!

  2. Good furler lines could have made your 135 a 60, with a reefed main would have given you guys more speed and better control. I wish we had swell like that here on Lake Michigan. Like you said a chop is worse. 20 to 30 would give us a 6′ to 8′ chop which is much harder sailing. Most boats can handle it its the crew that can’t.

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