This one is loooong overdue! The lifelines on Cuajota were rusted and just looking shabby. So time for a replacement and upgrade. I pulled the old and crusty lifelines off the boat and took them to the WestMarine rigging shop. They replaced them with raw aluminum verses the white vinyl wrapped aluminum.  They have a cleaner look and it gives the boat a fresh look.

Here are the old lifelines once I removed them.

Picking up the new lifelines from WestMarine.  Old and new are bundled to make them easier to identify.

Once I started attaching the lifelines I realized 3 of the 6 segments were too long.  They made the lines to the same length but the hardware to attach them to the boat was different and had different amounts of adjustment.  So I had WestMarine adjust them so they fit perfectly.

LOVE the results!  It’s amazing how lifelines now make the boat seem much more modern and updated.