The Name

cuajota, santana 30, schock, newport beach,

I have been asked about the name, so I’ll address it here….

Cuajota means nothing actually from what I have been able to find. What I have been told and I am going to run with this because it works for me…

Cuajota is cuban slang for “The four J’s”. The original owner was a Cuban doctor whose wife and 2 kids as well as his own first name all began with the letter J…Works for me because in my family, we had 4 J’s as well. My Mom, Dad, me and my sister. My wifes name begins with J and her family has like 7…I said pick your four favorite…lol! If anyone has a clue of what it actually means…drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know!

4 Replies to “The Name”

  1. We the second owner of Cuajota and we think of her many times and always wondered what happened to her.

    1. Wow!!! Thats awesome! As far as I know I am the 4th owner? She is an amazing boat and I am having a blast sailing her!!!

  2. Yes you are correct on the name. In our family we had Jake; Jordyn; Jennifer and Jeff. So we never changed the name.

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